Roxane Dewar Illustration
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Three Levels of Consciousness 
I had some fun on Photoshop
Grief World
Spirit leaving through the third eye
Had a sketchbook day
The Spirit Leaving the body 

renmaryutoc said: Hello, I'm just new to Tumblr. And I am deeply amazed by your works. You're into manual (pencil and pen, is that right?) and digital, That's the best of both worlds! (I envy you for that) I wanna ask something... That animated gif of "Open-minded Girl" How many papers (frames) did you use? I just want to try and make one. Thaaanks~! :)

Aw thank you! Yeah I like pencil and pen, not so good at digital stuff though. Yeah that gif was 11 frames on tracing paper 😊

mishangeles said: im so sorry feel free to ignore this but you know that gif drawing thing you just posted ... the one with the eye and the tree growing out of it I DREW THE SAME THING LIKE 3 YEARS AGO IN MY ART CLASS WITH THE EYE AND THE TREE AND THE LEAVES AND EVERYTHING god i wish i had a picture they are actually literally the EXACT SAME we are soul mates okay you dont understand how much i am freaking out right now WE ARE PSYCHIC OKAY ITS SCARY okay sorry to bother you bye

Haha that’s amazing I wanna see! Yeah that happened to me once too, it freaks you out. Ok well thanks for telling me, always wanted to be physic thanks.